Sketches of Korea: An Illustrated Guide to Korean Culture

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Sketches of Korea: An Illustrated Guide to Korean Culture
Benjamin Joinau


Ages of Life and Social Stereotypes
Body Language and Salutations
Table Setting and Etiquette
Markets and Street Vendors
Sleeping in Korea
Public Baths
Modern Housing Styles
Wedding and Marriage
Funeral Rituals and Ceremonies
City Signs and Symbols
Everyday Modern Objects

Dishes of Korean Cuisine
Pojangmacha and Street Snacks
Drinking Culture
Festivals and Holidays
National Symbols
The Korean Alphabet, Hangeul
Royal Shrine Ancestral Ritual

Colors and Patterns
Musical Instruments
Scholar and Court Paintings
Folk Paintings

Women's Costume
Men's Costume
Men's Hats
Martial Arts
Everyday Objects of the Old Days
Gentlemen's Quarter
Palaces, Fortresses and Gardens

Divination and Geomancy
Folk Beliefs
Buddhist Temples
Statues of Buddha
Buddha's Birthday
Supernatural Beings
Royal Tombs


How Much Do You Think You Know about Korea?
Get a glimpse of the many faces of Korea in illustration form

Kimchi, K-pop, taekwondo, Samsung-the images that most people get when they think of Korea don't stray much beyond the usual ones. But there are so many more fascinating sides to Korea. A cultural anthropologist with over 20 years of personal experience in Korea, author Benjamin Joinau introduces readers to the various faces of Korea outside those that Koreans typically like to present, guided by ElodieDornand de Rouville's refreshingly original and detailed illustrations-Korean society through the eyes of two foreigners. Grab a copy and let's take a look at the real faces of Korea, past and present.

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